The Manboobzian Candidate

Mikhael Varpole is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.


Anti-Manboobz: obsessively deconstructing Manboobz since a couple of days ago

Manboobz is a blog where a gender-traitor and mangina extraordinaire David Fruitrelle quotes members of the Men’s Rights Movement out of context in an attempt to undermine the ┬árights of his fellow men. He thinks this will get him laid, but it won’t, because top secret sources have revealed that David Futrelle is fat and, therefore, a bad person.

Mihkael Varpole is a philosopher of the human condition who’s blog, anti-manboobz, painstakingly lays bear the veil of gender treachery Futrelle drapes over the world. He is a shining beacon of hope in a factory of obtuse lies. Pro-anti-manboobz offers it’s support in his mission.